and the Jaguars should be in a great spot.Foles

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and the Jaguars should be in a great spot.Foles
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The NFL’s statement regarding the decision to not discipline receiver Tyreek Hill said nothing about the troubling remark that sparked Hill’s banishment from the balance of the Chiefs’ offseason workout program.“You need to be terrified of me too Reggie Ragland Jersey , bitch,” Hill said to Crystal Espinal during an argument regarding whether Hill’s young son respects Hill or is terrified of him.PFT asked the league for an explanation regarding the decision not to discipline Hill despite this comment, which was made by Hill to the same woman he admittedly assaulted while she was pregnant, in 2014.“That audio tape was reviewed as part of the overall investigation, which also included speaking to multiple people, including family members on both sides and Tyreek Hill,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy wrote in an email to PFT. “In addition, other information was gathered over the last four months.“When viewed in the context of the full 11-minute, 27-second audio recording and all other information gathered, the statement did not rise to a level of warranting discipline under the personal conduct policy.”That’s the most surprising aspect of the NFL’s decision. While the evidence regarding allegations of child abuse or child endangerment, if any , apparently was inconclusive at best, the threat made by Hill to Espinal was documented, and Hill’s own lawyer admitted that Hill said what he said. Indeed, Hill’s lawyer called the comment “unacceptable” and “inexcusable, of course” in a letter sent to the NFL in early May.The NFL ultimately decided that, for the purposes of the Personal Conduct Policy’s clear prohibition on “[a]ctual or threatened physical violence,” the comment was acceptable and excusable, and that it ultimately nothing that would require even a fine of Tyreek Hill. After the Jaguars made an unexpected appearance in the 2017 AFC Championship, they had a decision to make regarding quarterback Blake Bortles, who was entering the fifth and final year of his rookie deal. They made the wrong decision.The Jaguars converted the balance of the contract to a three-year arrangement that paid out $26.5 million guaranteed, and then the Jaguars finally decided after one more year that Bortles isn’t the answer. Fueling the decision was the availbility of Nick Foles Womens Carlos Hyde Jersey , the Super Bowl LII MVP who came relatively cheap ($22 million per year), thanks to lingering doubts about his abilities — doubts that surely will serve only to fuel Foles for 2019, and beyond.Yes, Foles struggled with the Rams. His time with the Chiefs, while underrated, wasn’t spectacular. But forget about the distant past. More recently, he has proven that, in the right system and with the right support and the right coaching, he can be the right man for the job. By reuniting him with former Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, Foles should be in good hands, and the Jaguars should be in a great spot.Foles carries with him a vastly underrated set of intangibles. He can lead. He can inspire. He can connect. He can hold teammates accountable because he makes himself accountable.Bortles Demarcus Robinson Jersey , frankly, never really clicked, but the Jaguars (until Foles was available) never really had a better option (other than passing on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson for Leonard Fournette, that is). Too many teammates resented the double standard that the team appied to Bortles, demanding excellence from them but looking the other way regarding the obvious deficiencies at the most important position on either side of the ball.With Foles, the most important position on either side of the ball is taken care of. With plenty of other talented players, the Jaguars could threaten to recapture the division, and they could shake up the upper crust of the conference.However it plays out, they’ll be better off than they were with Bortles.