that he was already a waste

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that he was already a waste
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In the past, there were two combs Cheap Cigarettes, one small and one large, and they both lived in a wealthy home. The rich has an only child, and she uses the small comb, and the rich uses the big comb. Big combs are hard to buy and very expensive, so the rich cherish it; and small combs are not worth a few dollars, so they are used as playthings in the hands of little girls and thrown around every day. Over time, the big comb despised the little comb, but the little comb ignored it and did what it should do. One day, the rich man and the little girl went out, and the big comb jumped off the dressing table and jumped in front of the little comb, proudly mockingly said, "Hey, little guy! You have worked hard these days, being played How is it? ��Xiao Comb said:�� It ��s not good, just tossed and thrown by the owner! But the owner is very happy! I am happy when the master is happy! ��Said the big comb:�� Well! Throwing and throwing you? You I really ca n��t think too much, and I ��m too ambitious! ��The small comb is not weak, and counterattacked:�� I ��m not as noble as you. Look at you, the steel is cast, the silver is shining, it ��s a beautiful man in the comb! �� The big comb can't tell the good from the bad, but also proudly said: "That's it! Look at you, the whole piece of wood is broken, there is no good color in the whole body, you are still a comb, you really embarrass our comb family, yes Who made you! Broken comb! "Little Comb didn't speak this time Parliament Cigarettes. In this way, the small comb was ridiculed and ridiculed by the big comb every day Wholesale Cigarettes. For a long time, the big comb jokes the small comb has become a habit. The small comb does not care about it even more, listening to the ticking of the clock every day waiting for the master to return. Then he laughed with his master. But during this period, the big comb's face dimmed under the influence of the bathroom moisture-the big comb rusted. The red comb was thrown there by the owner, who did n��t want to take a look at the big comb again, but for some reason, jumped in front of the small comb again, and continued its customary behavior-sarcasm, the big comb did not know that his body was overgrown Rust! Xiao Comb smiled and said, "Look at yourself carefully!" Big Comb looked at the mirror and was startled by himself. Only then did he know that he was already a waste. Only then did the big comb know that nothing is set in stone, and any glory sometimes fades; it just does n��t understand why the small comb always looks the same, and feels that it is getting more and more glorious, that comb tooth, comb The back is getting smoother, with a dark fragrance of sandalwood.
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